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26 May

Memorial Day in Hawaii

Memorial Day in Hawaii – what a way to honor the brave servicemen and women of the United States.

Actually, anytime you visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial, you will be overcome with respect and pride when coming face to face with the exact place where so many brave souls lost their lives in service to our great country. A huge part of the Hawaii experience is this tribute to those who “gave all” in their service to the United States, and a trip to our gorgeous Islands would be lacking without it. Just as the droplets of oil which emit from the USS Arizona and travel to the water’s surface to this day, you will be the newest link in the chain which honors this country and our fallen heroes.

World War II has been been called the most significant world changing event in modern history, and its legacy can be felt every day in Pearl Harbor. Roberts Hawaii offers a wonderful tour of Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial and other memorable sights in their thrilling and educational tours – which you can book easily – and they will even come pick you up from our hotel with their shuttle.

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