Oct 16, 2014

Holidays in Hawaii!!

Traditional Luau

Holidays in Hawaii!!

Are you used to shoveling snow for the Holidays? Have you ever considered spending the Holidays at an amazing location in the heart of Honolulu?  The Hawaiian Monarch Hotel will give you and your family an outstanding Value - Typically under $150 / night (and we offer our best deals during the Fall and Winter!) – and a Holiday vacation that you’ll never forget! Instead of singing “Let it Snow” as you put on your boots and parka while you grab a shovel, you’ll be singing “Let the Sun Shine”, as you throw on a pair of shorts and put on some sunscreen!

Our partnership with Hawaii’s preeminent tour company with over 70 years of experience, Roberts Hawaii offers full service tours with transportation year ‘round to every beautiful locale that the Island has to offer – and they even feature Island hopping tours as well. 

Oahu’s 112-mile stretch of white sand shoreline features the North Shore’s famous Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Beach, Sunset Beach, and Turtle Bay.  The Hawaiian name for the Banzai Pipeline is "Ehukai Beach", which translates to “reddish-tinged water" – as the sun turns the breaking waves a beautiful rose colored hue. This stellar beach is known for kayaking, bodysurfing, bodyboarding, (for experienced swimmers only!) and hiking and biking – all available from the “Surf Bus” tour from Roberts Hawaii . You can even have a surfing lesson – which will make your friends at home even more jealous.

You will also see the mammoth waves of Waimea Beach, the home of the the popular Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Invitational surfing competition, as well as the never-ending “world’s longest waves” of Sunset Beach. And, you can always snorkel in the calm and pristine waters of Turtle Bay, and even swim in a waterfall. 

Another treat you will absolutely want to be a part of is a traditional Hawaiian Luau. Paradise Cove, located on Oahu’s Western side, in known for an extensive array of activities and entertainment for hours – along with a sumptuous Hawaiian buffet dinner and night of entertainment.  Roberts Paradise Cove tour is a remarkable way to experience all of these treasures.

The agenda will include an exquisite “Shower of Flowers”; a Hukilau Ceremony, the ritual pulling up of the fishnets; and an Imu Ceremony, the uncovering of the roast pig from an underground oven, a traditional and delicious feast. You can start your exclusive experience at Paradise Cove with a “lei” greeting, and a traditional Mai Tai, which is sure to get you in the mood!  Hawaiian Arts and Crafts are a popular activity and very popular with the whole family – as you can learn to make a traditional flower lei, weave palm fronds, or get a temporary tribal Hawaiian tattoo. Those who have the need for some more “adventuresome” activities can also take part in the unique games including oo ihe (spear throwing) and ulu maika (rolling stone disks).  And don’t rule out an exhilirating ride in an outrigger canoe.  

Entertainment is ongoing throughout the evening – as a unique concept of Paradise Cove is that guests are guided from one entertainment to the next by following the beckoning sound of a conch shell. Whether it be a chance to learn hula, watch how a coconut is husked, throw a traditional Hawaiian spear, or view the Shower of Flowers, you are in for a series of wonderful and exciting events.





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