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Jun 19, 2015

Your Summer on Oahu!

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Have a look at this video on the wonders of Oahu that await you. Here are just a few of the endless outdoor activities that you and your family will treasure as a memories - that is, until you return next year!


Jan 26, 2015

It’s Winter Where You Are, But Not In Hawaii!

Yes, just take a look outside - or have a look at the news. The "Blizzard of the Century" is set to arrive on the Eastern Coast of the US - and let's not even talk about the usual frigid temperatures of the North and Midwest. Are you really going to wait months before you take a vacation? Just have a look at what you could be doing while staying at the Hawaiian Monarch!


Aug 05, 2014

Summer 2014 Honolulu Activities

Summer 2014 is barely halfway over! You and your family have a multitude of events to look forward to – and there are so many noteworthy events in Waikiki, you will run out of time before you run out of activities to enjoy.


Apr 11, 2014

Cheap Hotels In Waikiki: What Should I Expect?

An inexpensive hotel in Waikiki shouldn't have to mean that you give up amenities, location, good service or a well maintained property. Even during peak season you can find all those things and more at a good rate.



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